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America is an amusing place to be, the people are interesting, the politics are to be desired, the upper one percent has a stranglehold on everything from the news and information we receive, control of jobs, what we do as a people and how we are told to act.  The education system in America is truthfully, something to be ashamed of.  Seventeen other countries produce more scientists and doctors than we do, politicians have always done what they can to make life harder for the people of America, now thats not to say they haven’t done good, but in reality politicians hide behind the flag of what once was the greatest country in the world.  So forgive us working class folk if we concentrate on 85-90% of crap produced by the upper one.

We are a Christian nation held together by scriptures written by men that died many moons ago, who were in-fact afraid of their own shadows.  I still believe religion holds us back as a species and a country, thats up for discussion later.  So how can we as a country still be blinded to a faulty story of a man who thought he was the son of a deity?  So, where does that leave us as a people?  Praying to someone or something, who is the reason more people have been killed in the name of than for any-other reason?

Religion, pay wages, disappearing pensions, the extinction of social security, the list goes on and on like your waiting in line at Disney just to get on a fucking ride that lasts five minutes. How did so few Americans get so rich?  Why does so much of the money go to so little of the population and who is to blame?  Do we blame capitalism, or Marx?  Would Americans be better off finding a cactus and dry humping it, and to that fact why is America so involved with their lives about sex, guns, rap music and just trying to be cool.  I love watching this place and its people, I compare it to a horrific crash on the highway or just an episode of the Jersey Shore.

I am not a brilliant man, nor do I claim to be, but I am just a typical American tired of being fucked by the upper one percent, tired of the lies and deceits told to us by our own government.  Soon people will have had enough and start taking control of the situation, sort of take things into their own hands, it all started with Oklahoma City, and I am sure down the road it will happen again.  Maybe not to that magnitude but it will happen.  This after all is supposed to be a government for the people by the people, somewhere we got thrown overboard.  So words and or names such as Northwoods, Ajax (not the cleaning product) are just a couple of words or maybe even the Bankers Manifesto will bring light to some of the unpleasantries the great America is famous but not well known for, at least to it’s ignorant citizens.

If you consider that most Americans lay blinded by it’s infotainment world one could consider that ignorance on the part of the people.  Although you could contribute it to how we as a people let it get this far, people have the illusion of freedoms and choices because we believe what we are told.  We don’t ask questions, well I guess what I am trying to say is that no one questions anything anymore.  People go about their daily routine happy with their technological advances and just don’t care enough to instill in their lives, kids, friends etc. The questions that beg to be asked.

We long for answers as people and thinkers as to how and why things have gotten so terribly out of control.  2008 came from nowhere it seems (but did it really?) and in a flash pensions were gone, houses were taken away from the loyal worker who showed up everyday to an underpaying job with longer hours and disappearing benefits.  The threats of outsourcing or hiring newbies at lower cost forced the hand of loyal taxpaying citizens to accept the old iron horse up the rear.

President Bush, who everyone hated because he was “ignorant” or just plain dumb as they say was and is the true face of the American.  He started after 9/11 to spend more and more on military spending (in excess of $100 billion per year) and putting us further and further in debt so the seeds could be planted for 14 permanent military bases to occupy the Middle East territory.  Blackwater, Kellogg Brown & Root, Halliburton are all prospering to this day while, 1 in 6 Americans live below the poverty line.  There is something in the are of 25-37 million Americans out of a job and starving!  More and more kids are returning home with kids of their own and our parents refuse to leave us behind, make sure you thank your mom and dad a little more.

Now what I mean per the Bush is American statement is that the IQ of the country drops and drops, so in-fact Americans hate him because he is what most of us are, ignorant.  We despise that we could be associated with such a man, but we are who he is. Dumb and ignorant. We are ignorant to the lies told to us by a Government that we freely chose to represent us. Represent us, that is the key to one of the lies, the two party system is falling flat on it’s face, it doesn’t work we need to change it somehow, someway.  Every election day we are swarmed by untrustworthy morons who for the most part want to keep taking America for themselves, they don’t give a shit about you or me, they are only interested in themselves and the people who fund them.

Election day you go out like a flock of sheep and vote for a “representative” someone who you think has value and will do right by you and your beliefs.  That is it, you go you hit the button or pull the lever and swoosh they come in and do the opposite of what they “promised.”  That happens most of the time, take for instance the current representatives, who were blindly voted in by people only because they felt a change was needed because of party, the truth to the matter is that they are doing exactly what they had said they would do.  In my mind, you have no right to complain because you failed to open up your ears and listen, forget about opening your eyes, when you fail to listen you could potentially get killed, just ask someone in war I’ll bet my left nut they listen when spoken to.  People need to stop voting for a complete lying asshole because his tag says GOP on it, vote smart you damn nimrods, stop being loyal to parties that continually fuck you over every chance they get.

Now if you take into consideration the current wars going on, you can dig a little deeper through the bullshit and realize, someone is getting fucked here and it isn’t the politicians or the aforementioned terrorist companies.  Its the poor children of this country that have reached military age that are going over there for a bunch of blood thirsty scumbags getting their heads blown off, or losing a limb here or there, and just cant eat without a straw so that they can get richer.  The current wars are nothing more than containing the area for their resources. Think about it; 90% of the worlds opium supply is in the Afghan region…. Again 90% wow that is a fact that you don’t see on the news that much now do you?  The post 9/11 shit is a smoke screen, how much longer are they going to piss on that day just so they make a trillion more bucks.

Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum are the go to guys for gasoline, how many news corporations do we have here? Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC…. Not a lot of choices to get our news and information from.  They feed us the lies, they control everything we hear or read, damn that is some good business planning. Because we have many television companies that offer hi-def, 3D, and mammoth sizes flat screens we feel we have freedoms of choice, we don’t have jack shit when it comes to choosing.  We are led to believe that we have choices and freedoms (albeit we do have more freedoms than other countries, but it’s getting slimmer by the hour) but even in protesting; our freedom of speech is violated when the big bad cronies with badges show up, (who took an oath to defend the constitution by the way), take away your liberties and your rights even when the protest is non violent and arrest you.  Take for instance Sgt. Bologna of the NYPD who so eloquently thought macing a deaf woman would be fun shit, bravo Bologna….dickhead.

Look at Occupy Wall Street for current violations of human rights. Macing people because you don’t agree with them, or arresting people who are peacefully protesting whatever they are protesting. Kent State University, the old joke National Guard-4, Kent State-0 how sick is that one? You don’t have to go far back in history, segregation was a modern form of slavery, if you think slavery was abolished because it was wrong then you should have failed your history class.

The government of the United States has and always will be run by the upper 1%, and until we the remaining 99% recognize that our government threw us overboard, this will keep happening.  All is quiet so far, but all it takes is one hole in the fissure and it all goes to hell. The upper one, be warned because if you do not think and act fast enough, the shit will hit the fan.  Remember also any military or civil servant’s job is to protect the Constitution of the United States, not the leaders.

We are victims of a system that has failed us.  Wake up, it is time, greed has poisoned our species, religion holds us back.  Liberty should never perish, the power of the people I fear has, so unite we must against everything that is unnatural and fight for a new world.  Our children depend on it….


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